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24.08.17 Tori***** I have never felt more welcome, the staff are so professional and sweet.  The only thing that was better was the food, it was so good. I had the Chicken Risotto and my husband had the chicken schitzel meal. Would highly recommend.
 25.08.17 Tan*****The FOOD here is AWESOME !!!!!
 25.08.17Lord Varys*****This pizza is good for the realm Milord, King Joffrey literally started choking on it at his wedding
 25.08.17Hugh M*****Very friendly staff and amazing food. Had a great time here with my family
 25.08.17Ruth*****Simply the BEST in the west, guarantee
 25.08.17Alexander*****A true local gem that has quality food, friendly staff and fast home delivery service. the pizzas are VERY tasty and this place specialises in offering some quirky differant delights such as vegemite and cheese, Bruschetta and lamb kebab pizza, All of them taste EXACTLY how they should. They also have the biggest range of DESSERT pizzas I have ever seen which makes the choice between them and the large GELATO flavours available and EXTREMELY difficult one!!!???!! the RIBS are tasty and hearty and I believe so are the PASTAS havent tried them yet ....but I soon will! good on you West Sydney.
 25.08.17Liam*****Awesome Food, awesome service, Awesome quality. The pasta was fantastic, definetley worth going
 25.08.17Anna*****Just amazing food, staff are really nice was worth it
 28.08.17Azza*****Great Food every time I go and they're still adding on the menu in hooked going there again soon !!!
 22.09.17Ben Dover***** Absolutely amazing food, Would definitely recommend visiting if you live in western Sydney. The Zinger burger pizza is my favourite!!!!
 04.01.18Wyette*****Can't stop eating the risotto the chicken, mushroom with advo mmmm so delicous
 06.02.18tony****the new menu is so good, I can't believe how good and fresh the food is for somewhere out west.  Keep up the good work
 18.02.18Angela*****I tried the Peri chicken pizza and was blown away
 19.02.18Micheal****The vegemite & cheese pizza was only topped by the mash potato pizza so simple and so good
 23.02.18Brendan****can you get any better the food was good, even though it took longer to be delivered was worth the wait.
 05.03.18Nicola***I have never had a desert pizza in my life, was very wary of trying one but I'm glad that I did
 06.03.18Peter*****The new Advacado Schitzel is so good, are the others just as good or better this one I couldn't stop eating wanted more but I was so full well done
06.03.18Toby****Can you do chips not wedges with sour cream and chilli please

Ordered for my work function, delivered on time and all hot and what pricing for the quality of food will be ordering again


OMG had the best chicken noodle soup tonight it was so beautiful and filling. When they say home made they really mean it don't take this off the menu :)


Tried this potato pizza never heard of this before and was pleasantly surprised at how good potato is on a pizza.  Will be back for more.


I was told about your shop and wasn't disappointed the risotto was good, but the pasta with avocado and chicken was worth travelling for keep this up will be back again soon. 


OMG just tried the Pulled Pork Pizza for lunch will be having again tomorrow it's so good.


I have ordered in the past from here more than 5 times now, and each time I order it is quick, hot and taste AMAZING.  I made an order last night at 8.45pm for pick up, it was ready by 9pm and by the time I got back to St Clair, the food was still hot !!!!! Best pasta I have EVER had!


I am a customer for the past 8-9 years. Everytime I order and enjoy my pizza I want to leave a review for pizza.  Today I've got time and want to announce that this is the best  pizza I have had in my life. they listen to my special request.  I love only this pizza and don't want to try other people. Staff s caring.  would love to thanks a lot to all of them.